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Microarray customization

We are able to immobilize on demand cell membranes, antibodies, enzymes and other proteins, and even whole cells over different supports, maintaining the functional activity, designing and and developing specific microarrays tailored to your needs.

Our core technology is based on cell membrane microarrays. These microarrays are composed of multiple microdots of cell membranes isolated from different organs and tissues, allowing to characterize the action of drugs in each of the organs from which cell membranes were extracted, in a single miniaturized assay, with consequent savings in time, reagents, experimental animals and pollutants.

Microarrays are manufactured with a spotting robot which uses piezoelectric micropipettes (250-300 picoliters) to deposit droplets into the supports creating homogeneous microarrays. The size of the microreservoirs can be increased manipulating the number of droplets deposited in each point. The robot also has an image recognition software that allows to place the samples in microfluidic chips chambers.

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