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Custom development of Microarrays, Chips and Sensors:

Inmobilization of whole cells, cell membranes, antibodies, enzymes and other proteins over different supports, maintaining the functional activity

Biomarker identification and Drug discovery:

Evaluation of the enzymatic activity by colorimetric, fluorometric or radiometric assays.

Analysis of the sensivity and specificty of antibodies and identification of specific targets

Determination of pharmacological parameters (KD, Bmax, EC50, Emax, Ki...) using radiolabeled molecules

Identification of biomarkers (lipids, proteins...) in whole cells and in cell membrane microarrays using IMS

IMG PHARMA offers the possibility of immobilizing antibodies and proteins on glass slides or plastic surfaces, depending on customer requirements and  specifications. It also has extensive experience in:

  •      Conventional services using radiometric analysis techniques.

  •      Radioligand binding and autoradiography, dose-effect curves, in vivo and ex vivo studies.



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