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Imaging by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry


As a part of its R+D activities and services IMG Pharma Biotech. Develops methodologies and software tools for image acquisition/analysis by MALDI­TOF mass spectrometry.


Key advantages of MALDI-TOF-IMS:


•                   Determines distribution/anatomical localization of hundred of compounds in a single experiment.

•                   Avoids time-consuming separation, extraction, or purification steps.

•                   Easily coupling to TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography) separations, enabling further detection/identification of compounds.

•                   Absence of radioactivity (no radioligands needed).

•                   Proprietary software for rapid alignment, normalization and statistical data analysis.



1                    Sample preparation and MS scanning.

2                    Data analysis.

1. Sample preparation, MS scanning.



2. Data analysis.

Each single spectra represents the relative abundance of hundred of compounds in a single coordinate. Distribution of each compound over the tissue section is reconstructed by software.

Mass spectometry assays

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