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IMG Pharma en la prensa

Desde su creación en el verano de 2010, IMG Pharma ha sido galardonada en varias ocasiones y gracias a ello, se ha creado su propio hueco en el sector biotecnológico. Dicho reconomiento se ha plasmado en la prensa generalista entre los que destacan los dos periódicos de mayor difusión, El País y El Mundo. 

IMG has been awarded in 2014 Abiatu awards as the best technology-based company created within the Zitek of the UPV / EHU program. This award recognizes the effort invested since its birth.

Searching for new drugs

IMG Pharma Biotech, based in the Business Incubator of the UPV / EHU, Zitek Mintegia, is a young company that analyzes massively those molecules that are likely to become future drugs. This would be the easiest way to explain the scientific work of this company that already has awards as the price Bancaja Young Entrepreneurs.

IMG Pharma,finalist in Emprendedor XXI Euskadi awards.

MG Pharma is a spin-off dedicated to mass drug analysis by biochemical and biophysical techniques. Created by two young locals researchers, Egoitz Astigarraga and Gabriel Barreda, the company owns patented technologies focused on improving the processes of drug discovery. Among its leading products are PharmaProt Array [...]

How to discover drugs

[…] as explained by these two young entrepreneurs, the innovative technology used, due to its automation and miniaturization, "one can get more information in less time than that obtained by conventional techniques." In addition, as part of its comprehensive offering, the company also provides analysis by conventional pharmacological techniques and scientific consulting.

IMG Pharma, reviewed in BioBasque

[…] their product is the Pharmaprot array, a microdevice which is composed of multiple microdots enriched in a particular receptor or membrane protein The support has a special treatment that allows proteins remain functional.

IMG Pharma, from research to market.

[…] offered to the market, the result of his research, miniaturized devices that allow to obtain, in less time, more information than that obtained by conventional techniques. Entrepreneurs explain that it reduces the use of experimental animals and supports the incorporation of technological advances.

IMG Pharma, finalista en los premios Emprendedor XXI Euskadi

[…] is the only company in Bizkaia among the finalists in this category. This award, organized by the Basque Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism of the Basque Government and sponsored by La Caixa [...].
The spin-off Bilbao has taken a step forward in biotechnology research with the development of their cell membrane microarrays, among which is the Oncoslide, allowing for high throughput screening of potential antitumor drugs.

IMG Pharma, radiphonic interview in "Hoy por Hoy"
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