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We are experts in screening, drug discovery and biomolecule characterization employing tools based in our propietary microarray technology. We offer a variety full analytical services as well as development of customized tools suited to your specific needs.

Functional membranes and proteins

The printing protocols for membranes and proteins keep the function of receptors, enzymes and other proteins, providing a powerful tool for the screening of drugs and antibodies

Optimized screening tool

Drugs can be tested on scarce and precious samples, such as human biopsies, thanks to the small amount of sample needed to develop the microarrays

High multiplexing capability

Up to 400 types of samples can be included in a microarray, allowing the simultaneous screening of a drug in multiple targets

Very versatile tool

Several assays such as radioligand binding studies, enzymatic analyses or immunoassays can be carried out using these microarrays, becoming a multiplex tool for drug profiling

Custom developed microarrays

We offer the specific development of personalized microarrays using your own samples, to perform a simultaneous drug screening in a single, miniaturized and customized assay

The slice format allows the use of tools, equipment and softwares designed for conventional DNA or protein microarrays, so you can use them in your lab or we provide a full analysis service to suit your needs

Easy handling


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