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Characterization, Screening & Drug discovery

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•Customization of microarrays using your own panel of samples (tissue samples, cells, membrane preparations, proteins or antibodies).

•Printing of proteins and antibodies for miniaturized Elisa tests.

•Immobilization of membrane preparations, proteins or antibodies over different surfaces such as glass, gold or polymeric materials (polypropylene, polystyrene or olefin copolymers, among others).


•Determination of drug tissue distribution

•Characterization of pharmacological parameters

•Identification of GPCR agonists and antagonists using functional coupling studies


•Analysis of the sensitivity and specificity of antibodies

•Determination of tissue distribution of target proteins


•Characterization of metabolic pathways

•Identification of activating compounds, inhibitors or allosteric modulators

•Prediction of drug induced mitochondrial toxicity

•Analysis of the lipid composition

•Characterization of the lipid fingerprint

•Identification of lipid biomarkers

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